John Olsa

CEO / Publisher

Growing up I was always told that effort and persistence pays off, and after a very nice career around the golf industry, I’ve moved on to this new adventure, running my own company. I’ve been lucky to have Rachel and the team come along with me on this journey, not knowing how it will turn out, but having the faith in the idea and the process to be successful. We’ll have plenty of work to do along the way, and welcome input from all around.

If not on my bike (stay safe out there Cyclists!), I’ll enjoy a round of golf with my wife and friends. I try to take those few hours to enjoy the game and the friendship it has brought to me. Home projects and our yard and garden are other interests of mine.

I have to pay special thanks to my wife, Sandy, as she told me to take a chance and has had my back through the process of starting my own show. I couldn’t have done this without her. Family and friends have given me much encouragement through the first few months, and I greatly appreciate all of the advice and help.

To my past and present clients, you made it possible for me to take this leap, through all of your support, kindness, and trust. I am looking forward to assisting you in the future as you need it.

A special thanks to Mom and Dad, effort does pay off, you were right all along.

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