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Custom Publishing

In addition to our core portfolio, our team offers a custom publishing service to existing and future clients who are seeking to engage a target audience through the delivery of educational or entertainment-driven editorial content. Our team will help clients distribute valuable information to customers by bringing our design, sales, and editorial expertise to the table. We want to work …

Great Lakes By Design 2022 featured Architects

The architect, as an archetype, often brings to mind grand visions of their creations in the image of cathedral ceilings, towering skyscrapers that redefine skylines, engineering marvels of geometric form, and innovative compositions that transcend vernacular boundaries. Their role, at times, is considered both storied and elusive, but there is a vital and immediate value they bring as contributors to …

SVK Multimedia & Publishing

SVK Multimedia & Publishing LLC is an independent and privately held company dedicated to providing high quality products and services that create meaningful value to our partners, clients, and well-defined audiences.  As a publisher of fine magazines and books, we are committed to creating expertly designed products with well-written and insightful editorial content for our readers.

SVK Multimedia & Publishing is the parent company of Great Lakes By Design, The Golf Explorer: Michigan’s Journal to Incredible Golf, and The Restaurant Club. Our services also include custom publishing for our partners and clients.


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