Great Lakes By Design 2022 featured Architects

The architect, as an archetype, often brings to mind grand visions of their creations in the image of cathedral ceilings, towering skyscrapers that redefine skylines, engineering marvels of geometric form, and innovative compositions that transcend vernacular boundaries. Their role, at times, is considered both storied and elusive, but there is a vital and immediate value they bring as contributors to society that is reflected in the spaces that can inspire the heights of the human spirit.

It is in the details, in the everyday spaces where people live, learn, work, and play, and in the human element that evokes delight as one engages with place. It is in the libraries that serve as a vital community resource of knowledge and culture, the hospitals and wellness spaces that heal, the parks and greenspaces that nurture, the facilities that craft and innovate, the civic and cultural spaces that serve as catalysts of conversation, and the homes that capture personal narratives.

They often take on the challenge of designing a better future in which good design is accessible to all as they realize resilient, flexible, empowering, and high-performing sustainable spaces for their clients. And there is something aspirational about the idea of place in the built landscape, as each building has the potential to stand for, provide, and evoke something more, in which memory, ideals, stories, and beliefs are passed on in a medium of function and aesthetics.

In this 2022 edition, Great Lakes By Design Magazine once again had the opportunity to speak with a few of the practicing architects in the region to learn about their own story, their own journey, and the challenges and the opportunities that inspire them.

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Photography: M-Buck Studio